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Potential Topics for the Special Session Stream

The Forecasting stream offers a general session on all topics related to forecasting, plus a number of special sessions with a particular topical focus.

Accepted Special Sessions

In addition to the general session of the forecasting stream, a number of special sessions with a particular topical focus. Special Sessions already accepted to be held at EURO XXV 2012 include:

  • Forecasting for Inventory Management [code: 1bae8194]
    Aris Syntetos, University of Salford

  • Forecasting for Logistics and Supply Chain Management [code: 9fc5c4f7]
    Nikolaos Kourentzes, Lancaster University

  • Forecasting for Workforce Management [code: 1690a503]
    Antonio Rodrigues, Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal

  • Forecasting Electricity Load and Prices [code: 8d847d6f]
    Hans-Georg Zimmermann, Siemens Corporate Research

  • Forecasting Support Systems [code: 9e6a473a]
    Jon Prest, Manchester University

  • Financial Forecasting for Risk Analysis [code: ad4337ee]
    Patricia Xufre, Economics Faculty, Universidade Nova de Lisboa

  • Judgmental Forecasting [code: 0b9ed304]
    Zoe Theocharis, University College London

  • Econometric Forecasting [code: 079b2e19]
    Aris Syntetos, University of Salford

  • Forecasting with Neural Networks & Computational Intelligence [code: edf49cef]
    Sven F. Crone, Lancaster University

  • Intermittent Demand Forecasting [code: 474830f8]
    Aris Syntetos, University of Salford

General Session

In addition to the special sessions, the Forecasting stream offers a general session on all topics related to forecasting:

  • Forecasting - General Session [code: 0059829c]
    Sven Crone, Antonio Rodrigues, Aris Syntetos

Topics for the General Forecasting Stream include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Econometric Forecasting
  • Financial Forecasting and Risk Analysis
  • Forecasting and Planning Systems,
  • Forecasting Electricity Load and Prices,
  • Forecasting for Logistics and Supply Chain Management,
  • Forecasting for Workforce Management,
  • Forecasting Processes,
  • Hierarchical Forecasting Systems,
  • Integration of System Dynamics and Forecasting Models,
  • Intermittent Demand Forecasting (Forecasting of Count Series),
  • Knowledge Sharing and Organisational Learning,
  • Performance Measurement
  • etc.


Special Session Proposals (deadline passed)

If you are a professional or academic with substantial expertise in an area of forecasting, you are invited to propose a special session to be held within this stream - on any particular forecasting related topic you are interested in.

Details on the organization of the process will be announced upon acceptance of your special session. In case you are unfamiliar with EURO conferences, please find some preliminary information enclosed: A session typically consists of 4 papers, but can also consist of more. In agreeing to organize and chair a session you would be responsible in sourcing the papers (of course, with our help in advertising them on our website and through mailings). Allow us to also point out, that organizing a special session (or a stream) yields only academic benefits, but no financial discounts. Only abstracts are submitted, no full papers, reviewed and if accepted presented at the conference. Abstracts to be submitted for each paper must be written in English and contain no more than 600 characters (no formulas or mathematical notations are allowed). Each attendee is allowed to present ONE paper at the conference; this applies for all attendees including authors of abstracts, special session organizers or special session stream reorganizers!

Further details (deadlines, format, etc.). will be send upon acceptance of the proposal.







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